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Reaction NYE: Adventure Club, Bear Grillz & Ookay

31st December 2017 - Sunday 21:00

Reaction NYE, the all star concert featuring Adventure Club, Bear Grillz, and Ookay is coming to the Aragon Ballroom!

Bear Grillz is an electronic dance music DJ who performs in a bear suit. He claims he’s from Yosemite National Park and that he got his start in music “on a typical afternoon spent growling at marmots and eating tourists. While busy trying to digest one particularly tricky mountain climber, he discovered amongst his possessions something called a MacBook Pro.” He started making music with it and released his debut extended play (titled The High Grade EP and featuring a bear on the cover smoking a joint and giving the world the middle finger) in 2013. He has a sidekick (The Duck) with whom he produces music and he says they met “years ago when I was tripping my face off from eating some rancid dead geese I found by the swamp. I swear he sat me down and whispered a load of weird shit in my ear about him being my spirit guide, but he's not spoken a word since. I've just grown to accept him to be honest.” His 2014 extended play (Bear Grillz and Friends: Vol. 1) featured collaborations with many renowned artists such as Datsik and his latest extended play is called F**k Bitches, Get Honey EP (also released with the alternative title Mo Honey Mo Problems).

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to electronic dance music!